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What I Offer

I have 20 years of broadcast experience with CNN, covering everything from Hollywood red carpets to business and financial trends with the world's top CEOs from the heart of Europe.

I know what I am doing. And I can do it for you, or along with you.

Moderator, Host & Presenter

Presenting, moderating, hosting…these are my sweet spots. Finance, lifestyle, technology, luxury, diversity and inclusion, start-ups. Been there and done that. My training in live television allows me to work in any format: live, recorded, in person or virtual. I stay calm and keep it moving. And I do it with my signature smile. 

Content Producer

And I also produce. From A-list celebrity interviews and red carpet events to the trash dumps of Guatemala and to the poorest villages of Haiti, I've been there and produced content. Short form, long form, visual, audio, across a range of formats and social media platforms. It's all possible.

Media Training & Consulting

Presenting, speaking on camera, chatting with the press. These are not skills that always come naturally, even to people in leadership positions. Lucky for you, these are skills I can help with. Live, recorded, face to face or virtual. Using honest feedback, I can support you not only in looking and sounding your best, but also help you understand if you are reaching your audience. Reach out if this is something for you.

Speaker & Author

I am a storyteller at heart. On a stage, in an podcast or in an article, I speak honestly, openly and with a sense of humor about my path - successes and failures - as well as the issues that feed my soul, like sustainability, people, positivity, and inclusion.

Voiceover & Podcast

Looking to start a podcast, but need a host who knows how to use their voice and manage a conversation? I can do that. I do it for myself and I can do it for you.

Or maybe you just need a warm, female voice to brighten up your English or Spanish-language promo spot. This could also be me.  

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