Zurich Film Festival

This year I got one of these...

...and it was awesome! For 10 days I lived in my happy place, surrounded by film, filmmakers and filmgoers. I hosted over a dozen screenings in both Spanish and English in venues all over the city, from the Arena Multiplex in Sihlcity to the quaint retro Filmpodium near my flat. Hence, my very useful, sweet ride...

...a great way to get around bike-friendly Stadt Zurich. And yes, even sweeter was my kid's seat that doubled as a place to stash my stuff.

So other than my amazing ride, one of the reasons I got this gig was because Spanish is my other mother tongue, and this year the New World Section of the festival was dedicated to Mexican Cinema. Knowing Spanish came in very handy when meeting, greeting, introducing and Q&A-leading several of the guest filmmakers from this region.

Roberto Sneider, director of the comedy, 'Me Estas Matando Susana'...

Alejandro Springall, producer of the charming 'La Delgada Linea Amarilla'...

Pablo Larrain, director of "Neruda'...

...and I closed the Festival (literally one of the last screenings on the last evening) with these fabulous Brits, William Oldroyd and Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly, the director and producer behind 'Lady Macbeth'. Good thing I also know English ;-)

ZFF 2017 will take place from September 28 - October 8.

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