Unifunds Gala Zurich 2016

So excited to be 'glammed up' and back onstage, doing my thing as Mistress of Ceremonies. This time, it was for Unifund's swanky Zurich Gala in the heart of the city.

It is an international company so I did most of my job in English, but I did also get a chance to show-off those German lessons by throwing in some bits in pieces in Deutsch.

Not only did the guests enjoy a multi-course dinner, but also several live performances showcasing a broad spectrum of Swiss talent; from the oldie, but goodie Appenzeller group, Alder Urnasch, who delighted us with both their traditional music as well as their amazing yodeling techniques, to the enviable moves of the hip hop dance group Special Elements, and finally to the lovely, multi-talented, Isabel Florido, who brought it home - at least for me- with some choreographed musical numbers.

All in all, a full and entertaining evening, professionally helmed by a production team out of Hong Kong and made possible by my awesome Casting Agency.

Next up then is a photoshoot and interview with my BFF, Nunu Principe, right here in my new hometown, for her successful Blog de Los Angeles.

As for Unifunds, their next stop is London, where I happen to know they will also need an MC...And yes, you guessed it, my hat's already in that ring!

Fingers crossed then and until next time!

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