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His name is Diccon Bewes. Ring a bell? English…dark blond hair, glasses…writer…lives in Bern?

What about his bestseller, Swiss Watching? That now 4-year old, informative and entertaining portrait of our favorite ‘landlocked island’ that someone likely recommended, or gave you to read as soon as CH popped up on your horizon?

Yep, that’s him.

Out of watching the Swiss and researching their history, Bewes stumbled upon the story of Thomas Cook’s first conducted tour of Switzerland in 1863 as recounted in the diary of one Miss Jemima Morrell. A travel writer at heart, he jumped at the chance to experience that same tour 150 years later and explore the ways in which this trip changed the Swiss and the way we travel. Hence, Slow Train to Switzerland left the station.Currently out and about on a national book tour, one of Switzerland’s favorite Brits took a break to chat with GGZ about his latest ride.


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